NX Print

NX Print provides secure access to Windows' printing infrastructure from the browser.

Use cases:

  • Need to print from the browser automatically?
  • End users don't want to click around the print dialog, choose printer and printer setings.
  • Print PDF just-like-you-see-it to the printer (no more browser-based differences)
  • Raw printer-level access (control the printer in its own language)


  • Clean, modern integration. Works with all desktop browsers.
  • Supports printing labels. Head over to LabelCloud offering, which is built on NX Print's technology.


Downloads and more info from function61.com/products/nxprint


NX Print is not free software - only this documentation is covered under GPL. Contact us for licensing.

Demo website

View demo website.

TODO: just link to LabelCloud go.



Include in your HTML:

<script src="nx.js"></script>
<script src="nx-print.js"></script>

These .js files you find from the install paths of NX and NX Print on your computer.

TODO: improve this mechanism.

List printers

NX.nxprint_1_0.listWorkstationPrintQueues(function (err, printers) {
    if (err) { throw err; }


// => ["Microsoft XPS Document Writer", "Microsoft Print to PDF", "Fax"]

    printQueueName: 'HP LaserJet 1234',

    // URL which generates a PDF document
    documentUrl: 'https://example.com/api/generate_pdf?invoiceId=465923',

    papersource: 'Tray B' // not required
}, function (err, printers) {
    if (err) { throw err; }

    console.log('printing done');

    'HP LaserJet 1234',
    function (err) {
        if (err) { throw err; }

        console.log('printing done');

Get printer details

NX.nxprint_1_0.get_printer_details('HP LaserJet 1234', function (err, details) {
    if (err) { throw err; }


// => {driver_name: "Microsoft Print To PDF", friendly_name: "Microsoft Print to PDF", paper_sources: []}


Head over to NX documentation which covers the security aspects also provided for NX Print.

Browser support

Supports all desktop browsers.